Smart Women’s Guide To Travelling Solo: What Every Female Backpacker Needs To Know |

Whether you are travelling solo for the first time for leisure or business, travelling alone is risky especially for women. However, this does not mean that one should avoid travelling alone. In fact, many travellers find it refreshing and a unique experience. Travelling alone can be demanding as one doesn’t have somebody to rely on. With that said, here are some guides to help one enjoy their single journey.


One of the first things to do is to ensure that the country or place you are travelling to be safe, especially for women. Avoid countries that might pose imminent danger to you not only to your financial well-being but also to your person. Is the place you are interested in located in a war-torn country or inhospitable? Find a place where you can easily interact with the local people especially if this is your first time traveling solo. You might also want to look up the place online and check if your country has an embassy that you can go to in case of emergencies.

If you are not joining any tours and opt to check out the place alone, you might want to buy guidebooks, a map or check out the public transportation available. Oftentimes, people in developed countries are knowledgeable in English or can understand Basic English so you would find it easy to converse with the locals; however for other countries, looking for guides and joining tours might be the best option for you to enjoy the locality.


Staying in a hotel can be expensive as most rooms are suited for double occupancy and as such you might be shelling out more money. There are backpacker’s inn or small apartments that house single backpackers. Although a bit cramped, it is also affordable and some are maintained well so if you are staying just one night in the area, opt for a backpacker’s inn or a hostel. This can save you a lot especially if you are on a shoestring budget.

Stay Street Smart

Whether you are dining alone or going about the place, it is important that you blend well with your surroundings. Avoid wearing flashy accessories especially in unruly crowds or unsafe places. It is best to explore the place in daytime and go with the crowd. If you suddenly feel uneasy, it is best to go with your intuition and leave the place as soon as possible. Remember that you can enjoy and appreciate many places if you stay street smart.

Chicago Transportation Tips for the Corporate Traveler |

In general Windy City business travel can be a pleasurable and lucrative experience. The key to the successful trip often lies in preparation. As a large metropolitan area Chicago can present transportation challenges to even most experienced corporate travelers. Traffic, highway construction as well as scores of major events happening around the Chicagoland can considerably extend visitor’s travel.

Most businessmen will enter Chicago through one of its two major airports O’Hare or Midway. Every year over 13.5 million passengers pass through O’Hare making this northwestern Chicago airport one of the nation’s busiest. Fortunately plenty of transportation options are available. Visitors on the budget can always count on the city’s subway trains. CTA Blue Line is always a good choice to inexpensively travel to the loop. Taxis, shuttle vans and limos are also available. Most major hotels and limousine companies can be accessed through a network of airport phones conveniently located throughout the terminals. Business travelers arriving at O’Hare airport need to be aware of the rules and regulations governing the passenger pickup. Chicago Airport Transportation Authorities devised a Chicago Limousine Passenger Pickup Procedures.

It is always recommended that corporate travelers visiting the city on regular basis will establish a relationship with on of the Chicago limousine companies. Major Chicago limo corporations offer low flat rates, expert knowledge of the city and usually guarantee their services. Large vehicle pools provide choices from sedans to stretch limos. Major companies also supply vans, shuttles, busses and taxis; becoming a top transportation choice for flight crews and businessmen. Expert and courteous limo drivers act as valuable guides during city’s sporting, cultural, and professional events; offering a real glimpse into the city’s rich night life. A cost of an average trip from O’Hare to Downtown should not excide $45 dollars. Corporate travelers visiting the Windy City regularly can negotiate better monthly rates depending on vehicle used.

Clients looking to enhance their sales process through a luxurious limousine trip combined with the sampling of Chicago’s countless entertainment options will not be disappointed. With six major league teams, theaters, concert halls, museums and fine restaurants the city has a lot to offer.

Chicago is also a host to many convention and expos including The Chicago Auto Show. Boating and motorcycle expos as well as other industry specific trade shows offer plenty of business development opportunities. Major Exposition Centers like McCormick or O’Hare Expo Center are conveniently located near major express ways offering plenty of parking space, as well as access via public transportation.